In the Media

Interviewed by Robyn Breshahan about A World without Martha, CBC Radio One Ottawa Morning, August 12, 2020.

Interviewed by Shelagh Rogers about A World without Martha, CBC Radio One The Next Chapter, February 29 and March 2, 2020.

“Read This: Life Minus Martha: 1960s-set memoir tackles difference and disability” THIS magazine, January 2020.

Shay Erlich, “Fringe Review: Birds Make Me Think About Freedom: Ensemble show about people who were institutionalized for having developmental disabilities an effective work in progress”,  NOW magazine , July 9, 2018.

“Birds Make Me Think About Freedom (L’Arche Toronto Sol Express) 2018 Toronto Fringe Review,” Mooney on Theatre, July 6, 2018

Isabella O’Brien, “Talking Treaties is active and immersive theatre performed at the historical Fort York in Toronto,” Mooney on Theatre, June 24, 2017. Theatre review.

Panelist, “Ontario’s Past and Future,” The Agenda with Steve Paiken, TVO, May 9, 2017.

 view from Ward Island Aug 2015

“What does it mean to be a Toronto treaty person?” See July 3, 2015 article in, by Christina Turner.

“Colonial Skeletons,” interviewed by Espe Currie, This Magazine, Sept/Oct 2014, 44.


Presenter, “Our Shared History,” Module Two, Skills for Solidarity, an online, introductory program that opens up a conversation about the shared history between Indigenous Peoples and non-Indigenous Peoples in Canada, and ways to renew the relationship between them. The program consists of five online panels that participants watch at their own pace, along with supplementary workbooks to deepen their learning.

Featured with John Borrows, Leanne Simpson, Isadore Day, and others in radio documentary, Reflection on Meanings of Reconciliation, produced by Jocelyn Formsma and Ana Collins, organizers for Niigaan: In Conversation,  CHUO-FM, Ottawa, 2013, and available on-line at the Resonating Reconciliation Project of the National Campus and Community Radio Association website.

CBC Interview for 8th Fire
CBC Interview for 8th Fire

17-Minute interview posted on CBC website for
the four-part 2011 CBC Television documentary series 8th Fire.  
Featured guest on Contact, Aboriginal Peoples Television Network’s national phone-in show, on theme “Does White Guilt Help Anyone?” 2002.

Upon publication of Distant Relations, I was interviewed by Shelagh Rogers on the CBC’s flagship show This Morning, as well as on Buffalo Tracks, APTN; Canada AM , CTV;  Michael Coren Live, CTS Television,  Ontario Today, CBC Radio; and numerous local radio stations in Winnipeg and Ottawa.

Distant Relations was the subject of All My Relations, a 9-minute documentary produced by Dorothy Christian for Skylight , Vision TV, aired October 7, 1999.

I was also interviewed in Walking the Talk, a Gemini award-winning 8-minute documentary on Native/ non-Native relations, aired on Skylight, Vision TV, October 8, 1999.

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